Nicoline van Goudoever


Nicoline van Goudoever (1960) studied at the Academy of Arts St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands. She lived in London, New-York and Venezuela, where she worked and exhibited. Now she works in Amsterdam and her paintings are sold here and abroad, mostly in private collections.

Nic Spatari – Artistic Director and Founder of
Museo Santa Barbara in Italy writes in 2009:

Nicoline van Goudoever – Dynamic energies

Nicoline’s visual expression avails itself of a universal concert in which static and mobile energy elements divide and merge and are projected into terrestrial and astral dimensions. From this, structural architectural elements, such as urban and rural environments, emerge as visions of cosmic spaces with a luminous and material intensity, in which light and colors unite. Chromatic elements that flash at the speed of sound intertwine and overlap such that they create structural and essential content. Regarding the mural that Nicoline created for Musaba under my appreciative gaze, it was as if something emerged from the mural’s surface, like volcanic eruptions the color of intense flaming blood flowing from the bowels of the earth, vibrating  and dancing in infinity, provoking blinding sparks. Small paintings take shape and resemble windows onto the world of a mysterious, divine presence. Thank you, Nicoline. I have nothing to offer but this heartfelt and conscious expression as an artist and critic.